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Here’s What You’ll Get For Less Than $10/Day!

When You Join The THRIVERS PROGRAM, You Will...

  • Get a 12-Month Supply of Custom Supplements in a bottle, specially formulated to meet your specific needs!  
    (Value = $2500)
  • ​Get a Customized Formulation & Treatment Plan with a 1:1 Virtual Consult with Dr. J! (Value = $500)
  • ​Get Exclusive Access to the Thrivers Community where you get VIP access to The West Clinic Team...
  • ​PLUS: Weekly Q&A with Dr. Jason West (That's 52 Consults a Year!)
Where you get to ask anything and everything about your health (Value = $18,200)

And as a THRIVER, you will also...

  • Get access to The West Clinic Secrets Vault - 105 years of West Legacy full of Case Studies and Inspirational Stories which will fill your heart with Vitamin H (Hope)!
    (Value = Priceless)
  • ​Get 10% Discount on other West Clinic Products and Services (Value = up to $10,000)
  • ​Get up to TWO of your family Members to Join you and become THRIVERS too - with a massive 50% discount (Value  = $3,500)

Total Value: $34,700

ONLY $3,497 For A Limited Time!

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ONLY $3,497 For Limited Time Only!


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Frequently Asked
Questions & Answers

After we launched Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program, word immediately got out, and we received a lot of questions from men and women across the country that I want to answer and address below.

If you’re still on the fence about investing in your health, I hope this section will help you

What’s Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program Again?

Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program is a 12-month membership program to help you feel well and stay well. It helps you make healthy decisions so you can…
  • Jumpstart your true road to wellness...
  • ​Postpone a not-needed surgery...
  • ​Get AND stay healthy (and out of the doctor’s office) after years of agonizing with your chronic illnesses.
It includes access to the “West Clinic Vault” and other special bonuses. Once you’ve paid in full, you’ll get to take advantage of the 12-month personalized supplement that Dr. J exclusively formulated for you, plus much more!

What Happens After I Purchased?

  • After successful payment you'll get an email confirmation with the Pre-Workup questionnaire and access information to the West Clinic Legacy Vault
  • ​Our West Clinic Team will put together your Formulation Plan
  • ​You'll get a Virtual Consult with Dr. J to go over your custom plan
  • ​The OTC 1 pill-a-day will arrive in your mailbox in a few weeks

Will Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program work for me?

With over 105 years of helping patients agonizing over chronic illness and transforming thousands of patients’ lives, Dr. West has figured out exactly how to help his patients feel well and healthy again.

Whether you are dealing with arthritis, Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, or other health challenges, you’ll find hope in proven treatments and wellness plans.

How Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program Different From Others?

Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program is unlike anything you've ever experienced anywhere else.

We pick up where other healthcare providers leave off. We believe that it’s not all in your head or that you just have to live with your diagnosis forever.

How much does Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program Cost?

Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program costs only $3,497.00. This includes 12-month access to the The West Clinic Legacy Vault, which provides you with all the information you need to know to feel well and healthy, but that you will never hear from your doctor.
(That’s only $291.51 monthly - less than the price of your monthly gas allowance + your monthly supplement maintenance.)

Can I Buy Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program Directly From The West Clinic?

You can only purchase Dr. J’s Mind Body Thrive Program with bonuses through this website.

Got Questions?

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